Cats at Window

The Probst Pet Menagerie

Current Brood

Riley, Born April 18, 2016                        Ridley, born August, Pickup November

Riley Ridley


Tiffany and Tipper

Tipper and Tiffany




Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Sapi and Kiwi                                        Inky

Sapi and Kiwi Inky

Dudley (Ragdoll)                                    Chauncy with Bailey the ferret

Dudley Chauncy and Bailey

Elsie                                                   Oakie

Elsie Oakey

Dickens                                                Jason

Dickens Jason

Beaner                                    Oakie and Jason

Beaner Oakey and Jason

Noel                                                                Dudley

Noel Dudley

The Grand Cats   Eko                            Umi

Eko Umi

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